What is a Healthy Fruit Chiller Freezer Tube?


It starts with Pineapple Juice which is used to do two things, it is a great sweetener (we do not use sugar or high fructose corn syrup), and it also lightens the color a little bit. Then we add a lot of the 100% real fruit juice of that flavor. In the case of our Orange Healthy Fruit Chiller Freezer Tube,
we use 100%. Real Florida Orange Juice.














The new National School Lunch Program rules have cracked down on a lot of food items that students enjoyed. Unfortunately a lot of the students have not been thrilled since the changes were made. In some districts, as much as 70% of the Fruit and Vegetables end up in the garbage cans.




















Our products are now being served as a bundled Fruit Replacement and a la carte item in some of the largest schools districts in the Unites States. The results have been very dramatic:

  • Reimbursable Meals sales have gone up as much as 15% on days when our products are included.

  • A la carte sales have increased nicely as well.

  • Parents are complimenting school food service personnel on their creativeness.

  • The amount of garbage in these schools has decreased significantly on the days when they are included.

  • The students are getting their daily Fruit benefits.























The new Competitive Food Rules went into effect beginning in the 2014/15 school year. These rules dictate what can be sold on School Grounds….before, during and after school. Healthy Fruit Chillers Freezer Tubes has met and exceeded all of these rules!


We offer a NO CHARGE on-premises testing for any school that is interested.


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