Steve's Frozen Chillers provides frozen drink machines of all types on a FREE loaner** basis to Schools, Pools, Hospitals, Water Parks, State Parks, Night Clubs, Bars, Resorts, Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Bowling Alleys, Convention Centers, Sporting Venues, Stadiums, Race Tracks, Convenience Stores, Disney® resorts, Circle-K®, and more.


No matter if you need a small capacity single bowl machine for a café, a rapid freeze machine for an outdoor tiki bar or even a bank of high volume machines for a stadium, we have the right set up to meet your needs!

We offer a wide variety of frozen drink mixes (Regular & All Natural) including: cocktails, slushies, smoothies, cappuccinos and energy drinks. Our cocktail mixes can be served frozen or on the rocks as seen on the TV show "Hot Mixology". Our mixers use a metered pump dispensing system so every drink is consistent, regardless of who makes it.


Our products are shelf stable and require no refrigeration!


























Drink Flavors


We offer over 60 delicious flavors including: Frozen Coffee, Frozen Energy Drinks, Smoothies, Slushies, Cocktail Mixes, Frozen Sangria & Healthy Chillers.


  • Most of our drink mixes contain real fruit.

  • Our products are non-dairy and have NO animal by-products

  • Metered pump dispensing system to provide continuity in your drinks that cannot be accomplished with free-hand pour products

  • Our mixes can also be served On The Rocks or Frozen




Frozen Slushie & Cocktail Flavors
Blue Lemonade 
Blue Raspberry 

Fruit Punch
Gator Bite (Pineapple-Apricot)
Green Apple 


Orange Creamsicle 
Passion Fruit 
Peach Creme 
Pina Colada 




Frozen Capuccino

Caramel Cappuccino

Mocha Madness Cappuccino 
Vanilla Velvet Cappuccino 


Energy Drink

Atomic Raspberry & Pomegranate 





No matter if you need a small capacity single bowl machine for a quaint café, a rapid freeze machine for a poolside - outdoor tiki bar or even a bank of high capacity - high volume machines for a stadium , we have the right set up to meet your needs!


Below are just a few of the most popular machines we stock. We access to any machine and set up available or for very large venues we can custom design a system that will fit your specific needs.





































 The Fine Print

** Free loaner program is available with required minimum monthly order. **

We have no complicated binding contracts. You may decide to cancel at any time without any penalty or additional cost.


Ready to get started?


Call Steve Mogell at 516-313-6589 or 321-323-9758


So you want to sell frozen drinks?

Taylor 430
Volume Required 250 drinks/wk (5 cases single flavor per month)
Taylor Model 432
Requires separate 20 amp circuit
Taylor Model SB25 Shaver
Volume Required 200 drinks/wk (4 cases per month - unltd flavors)
Taylor Model 370 2-bowl Granita
Volume required of 150 drinks/week (3 cases per month unlimited flavors)
Taylor 142 Soft-Serve Machine
Taylor 152 Soft-Serve Machine
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